Remember to Smile…

She sat across from me at a picnic table laughing and talking to the strangers around her.  Her face was wrinkled, not necessarily from age, but from a lifetime of smiling and laughing.

Her eyes twinkled as she talked and her smile was brighter than the hot Arizona sun.  I was captivated by the charm that radiated from her face.

As I watched her interacting with the people at her table I hoped that I would radiate such beauty when I am her age.  Then it hit me, I do not smile like I use to.  There is no reason for my lack of smile, I just don’t do it.  At that moment I vowed to myself to change that and so smile and laugh every single day.

I then walked over and asked her if I could take her picture.



2 Comments to “Remember to Smile…”

  1. Great work! It takes chutzpah to do that, props.


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