a sheriff, a firetruck, a horse and a little boy who is just too busy for pictures…

A couple of weekends ago my mother and two sisters came to visit my little family in Mesa.  One of my sisters brought her little family along.  While they were here we took a little trip to Goldfield Ghost Town. I had been there previously that same week with my kids and thought it would be fun to head there with my visiting family.  My sister was wanting to do a family photo session and I thought the ghost town was just the place.  We first stopped at a little white church and happened to catch a gunfight.  The kids got to meet Narley, the sheriff.  All of the kids were deputized and warned that they may arrest anyone but Narley.

My youngest nephew, as you are about to see, really had no interest in having his photo taken.  He is just way to busy checking out the world around him.

I believe the following pictures capture his exploring nature rather well…

My oldest nephew puts on a different show in front of the camera…he’s all smiles!

I captured some beautiful images of my sister and her husband…

My favorite images of the entire family were captured beside this old firetruck at the ghost town…



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