November 23, 2010

free download….

that’s right…. a freebie!

In honor of Thanksgiving I am offering everyone a free download of an 8.5 x 11 inch digital print of President Gordon B. Hinckley’s Six Be’s!

Go here to download.

November 17, 2010

Cutesie Onesies! Oh My! | Mesa Baby Photographer

Recently I have been noticing a lot of custom made onesies on the Internet and decided to take a shot at making some.  What you are about to see are the results of my efforts and the SASSAFRAS-iness of one sweet little muffin who modeled the onesies for me.  Introducing little Miss P and all her sweetness modeling onesies custom made by Little Tree Company!

If you are interested in purchasing custom made onesies email me at


November 12, 2010

DIY Fabric Mouse Pad…

I recently decided that I had enough of using my magic mouse just on my desktop.  I needed a mouse pad…but didn’t want just an ordinary one.  So I decided to make one.  I actually made three until I found the method that would work the best.

My first attempted was made with a fabric and padding sandwich.  It turned out very nice looking but it slid around the desktop … Fail!

The second attempt involved covering a plain mouse pad with fabric and sewing a binding around the outside edge.  Works but I didn’t like how the corners turned up…Fail!

The third time’s the charm right?!?! Third attempted involved using cork board, double stick fusible web and fabric…It works perfectly fine!

I want to share the process with you so here is a quick tutorial:


  • Cork board (I bought the rolled up cork board, you may use that or the cork tile squares.  Mine isn’t very think…I believe the cork squares come in different thicknesses…what you use is totally up to you)
  • Double Stick Fusible Web
  • Cotton Fabric of you choosing
  • X-acto Knife and cutting board
  • Scissors
  • Iron


  1. Using the X-acto knife and ruler, place your cork on the cutting board and cut your cork board to the size you desire.  I cut mine as an 8″ x 8″ square.
  2. Cut your fabric an inch bigger than the cork on each side.
  3. Cut fusible web to the same size as your fabric piece
  4. Iron fusible web to fabric.
  5. Center cork piece onto fabric with cork against the web side.  With cork on the bottom, iron the web backed fabric to the cork.  The fabric should overlap the cork by about 1″ on all sides.
  6. Fold sides of fabric over one side at a time, working with opposite sides first.  Iron each side, over lap corners and trim neatly.

I also made a coaster so I may avoid water rings on my desk.  I love the way they both turned out!

I think these would make great gifts for family and friends.  After you make yours take some pictures and post them on your blog…then come back here and post a link in the comment section.


October 29, 2010

a sheriff, a firetruck, a horse and a little boy who is just too busy for pictures…

A couple of weekends ago my mother and two sisters came to visit my little family in Mesa.  One of my sisters brought her little family along.  While they were here we took a little trip to Goldfield Ghost Town. I had been there previously that same week with my kids and thought it would be fun to head there with my visiting family.  My sister was wanting to do a family photo session and I thought the ghost town was just the place.  We first stopped at a little white church and happened to catch a gunfight.  The kids got to meet Narley, the sheriff.  All of the kids were deputized and warned that they may arrest anyone but Narley.

My youngest nephew, as you are about to see, really had no interest in having his photo taken.  He is just way to busy checking out the world around him.

I believe the following pictures capture his exploring nature rather well…

My oldest nephew puts on a different show in front of the camera…he’s all smiles!

I captured some beautiful images of my sister and her husband…

My favorite images of the entire family were captured beside this old firetruck at the ghost town…


October 29, 2010

Spooktacular Halloween Cupcakes…

Like many kids will be doing today, my son is having a Halloween Party at school.  He wanted to make cupcakes that looked like dirt with worms coming out of the dirt.  We made cupcakes that look like dirt with bones and skulls coming out of the dirt instead…and the best part is that the cake is red velvet to represent dirt soaked with blood.  We had a great time working together on these cupcakes.  I wanted to share the process with you because I thought they turned out pretty SPOOKTACULAR.



October 27, 2010

Newsletter Signups…

You can now sign up for the Teresa Hill Photography Newsletter.  Click on the link to go to the sign up form:



October 27, 2010

Tis The Season…

Holiday Specials will be announced soon.  Be sure to check back in the next few days to see what is in store for Holiday Photo Sessions.


October 27, 2010

Love is in the air…Chandler, Arizona Wedding Sneak Peek…

Recently I had the opportunity to assist Chris Paxman of Paxman Photography with a beautiful Catholic Wedding in Chandler, Arizona.  Here is a sneak peek of the love between Lindsay and Ron…



October 27, 2010

Too Cute to Spook…

Are your little ones too cute to spook?  Do you want to capture the memory of their spooktacularness for years to come?  Book a Halloween portrait session with Teresa Hill Photography.


October 20, 2010

I ain’t afraid of no ghost…

I have been so into decorating and crafting this Halloween.  My children and I put together a real quick, cheap and easy Halloween craft last week using white muslin, styrofoam balls and wooden dowel rods.   The result was a spooky ghost family greeting our front door guest.  Here’s a quick tutorial of the process.

Materials for 4 ghosts:

1 yd of white muslin

4 styrofoam balls (Ours were around 4 inches)

Liquid starch and large bowl for soaking muslin

2 dowel rods

Black craft paint and paint brushes

Some sort of container to prop your ghost up in…I used a tin bucket used for planting…repurposed as a ghost planter.

Cut dowels to desired lengths.  Poke one end of each dowel into a styrofoam ball.  Place dowel into container.

Cut muslin into 4 square sections…long enough to drape and hang down and cover all if not most of the dowel.

Soak muslin in liquid starch.  Wring out and drape over styrofoam ball.  Allow to dry completely.

Once starch is dry paint a face on each ghost with black craft paint.

Place container at front door as a greeting for your Halloween guest!